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    [Guide] All you need to know about Play9D.

    All you need to know about Play9D to get started
    by adek1994
    Hello everyone and welcome,

    Last year I did a similar tutorial about D9 (9D TH) and 9Disciple. When I saw a lot of stupid topics about Play9D (check HERE) with questions "how I can patch the game", I thought - newbies will definitely need a tutorial similar to this one.

    This tutorial will show you how to install and patch the game properly to be able to play, in the reasonably easiest way possible for you to understand.

    • About Play9D
    • Installing Play9D
    • Patching Play9D
      1. Applying manual patches
      2. Hermit patch & XSD file by witek1992 (aka notReally)
    • Playing Play9D
    • Which client should I run?
    • Trick - move untradable items to storage
    • Players help other players
      1. NDregs by witek1992
      2. Anti-scam guide requested by Play9D

    About Play9D

    First of all, if we're all saying it's bad why do we end up playing here? Well...
    • Great EXP
    • Free items
    • Quite a few items have low prices, like BBoE
    • Cheap IM
    • Mass TGW spawns

    I'm almost sure that you're thinking - it's too beautiful, but where's the trick? Well, as you may know this server isn't ran by an official publisher, so they don't have the resources or people to keep track of everything or fix crucial bugs that occur.

    Play9D has issues such as:
    • Party bug
    • Low drop rate
    • Prices of LF - sometimes are similar to BBoE
    • Manual patching due to large files

    But it's nontheless a great server with an insanely fast growing community.

    Now, enough chit-chat and let's get straight to the guide, i.e; getting started!

    Installing Play9D

    Go to the site Play9D and click the DOWNLOAD button.
    You will get a few options: I personally used direct download, but If you feel like it's behaving slow there's plan B for you, this apparent mirror:
    Direct Download Client Play9D

    Install it anywhere you feel like. I happen to believe you can handle the simplistic install wizard by yourself.

    I prefer to use a secondary partition and install it in X:\Play9D or X:\games\Play9D.

    In the case, X can be a different partition letter such as D, E, F ... Z. It depends on how your HD was partitioned in the first place, of course you can install it as well in your traditional C:\Program Files\Play9D.

    Patching Play9D

    Manual patches by Play9D

    It's the most annoying thing out of everything, but thankfully you need to do it only once.

    You need to patch your game for the first time.

    Check here - Play9D Update 1 - PK patch.

    You have a detailed guide on how to apply patches. And here is the first patch - Play9Dpatch. Extract it to your Play9D folder and Replace all the files ("Yes to All").

    Copy your folder with Play9D and rename it. I'm using "Play9D - Old" here.

    Now enter your Play9D folder - don't touch the "OLD" version!
    You need to download and extract two patches:
    Play9D Update 2 - new refines and Play9D Update 3 - Red Deco patch.

    Direct links to the patches: Play9Dpatch2 & Play9Dpatch3.

    Hermit patch by Witek
    You can still drop items from the Hermit event. If you need (and want) to trade weapons from that event, you can patch the game. You need to copy the folder with your Play9D game.
    Rename it - I used "Play9D - Hermit".

    Enter that folder and extract everything from Witek's patch - download here. You need program called 7Zip to unzip that.

    Now we have 3 copies of Play9D:
    Play9D - Old
    Play9D - Hermit

    Witek gives us another useful thing - .XSD file with the real names of files.

    Download it here and extract to all versions - to folder Data/Script.

    Original topics:
    Hermit Patch
    Translation XSD file
    both by witek1992

    Playing Play9D

    Enter your folder with Play9D and click the "nd.exe" file with your right mouse button. Send it to the Desktop (do a shortcut). Do it for every folder you have.

    Run the client, select the server (PvE or PvP) and wait for the launcher. Set your resolution and enjoy the game!

    Which client should I run?

    A lot of questions do in fact rise, such as: why do I need all of these clients? Okay, let me explain:

    You need the "Old" version to get the GC1 gifts and receive a Rice Hat.
    You need the "Hermit" version to receive a PS weapon for 20 event items.
    You need the normal version to grind.

    Trick - move untradable items to storage


    [Play9D] Moving untradeable items to storage - YouTube

    Made by witek1992

    To do that, you need few items (stackable) like medicines, or drops. Use SORT button, and replace stackable items with untradeable item. Come to Storage, select (one click) stackable item and click store. Change the value to 1, and click sort. When weapon get back to its place, click OK.

    Original topics:
    Moving untradeable items to storage by witek1992

    Players help players

    ndregNDregs by witek1992

    Anti-scam guide requested by Play9D - by adek1994

    I have heard a lot about all those scammers in Play9D. A lot of people say that they are selling PP codes, refining weapons, making slots, and a lot more, but are they all real?

    These are my personal hints:
    1. If you trade, make a stand. If you use the "trade" function, you can get scammed by someone abusing the trade bug
    2. It's better when you buy Jade Separators from a stand instead of buying a $5 PP code. Why? Because JS can be bought through a stand, PP codes can't be.
    3. Selling accounts is very risky and not tolerated by the staff. If you really want to buy an account - make sure that you will get access to the e-mail address as well or you can easily get scammed.
    4. And make sure that people are trusted, ask around the forums and your friends whether these people are trusted.
    5. Play9D staff whether administrators or GMs/Moderators won't ever ask about your personal account information. Don't tell anyone your password or any other personal details!

    1. Play9D Staff - Bringing up the first international play9d private server for us.
    2. notReally - For the handful of useful material used in this topic.
    3. adek1994 - For finally understanding the community scene case and making this helpful topic for you - the community.

    Thank you for reading and have a great day!

    PS: adek1994 is also known as Yasumori or Shuji.
    Last edited by Play9D; 01-07-2013 at 10:01 AM.

    Your account = your responsibility.
    I will not restore your PIN, e-mail or password due to enforced security policies which require it. Stop sending me PMs regarding account or scammer issues. If you want to report someone, use the rulebreaker section.



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